NIKI M.E.Π.Ε. member’s Bio’s

NIKI Μ.Ε.Π.Ε. - Information technologies | Digital Engineering (NIKI) specializes in the development of simulation tools for studying and predicting the thermal behaviour of structures with particular focus in the automotive industry. The participation of NIKI in the proposed con-sortium will enable extending its field of application into the high-end construction industry. In the proposed work NIKI will undertake the numerical simulation of the thermal and electrical properties of the nano-modified systems, targeting into coupling thermal / electrical behaviour.

Athanasios Batagiannis >

Dr. Athanasios Batagiannis (Dr. phil.-nat.) is the research manager at NIKI.

His studies include a B.Sc. in Physics and Space Research from the University of Birmingham, UK and a M.Sc. in Microsystems and Nanostructures from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

During his doctoral studies at the University of Berne, Switzerland he studied the development of pyroelectricity in polar materials.

Since 2010 he is working in NIKI as a research manager and his areas of interest include, among others, software engineering, CAE simulation, design optimization and numerical analysis.

He has participated as an engineer or project manager in numerous ESA, FP7 and GSRT projects.

In JiTMI and SKELET he was involved as a technical advisor.

He is the author of several publications and technical proposals and has contributed to the European Space Agency’s and International Academy of Astronautics joint publication “The impact of space activities upon society”.

George Philos >

Mr. George Philos received his diploma at the Computer Science Department of the University of Ioannina.

Moreover, George Philos holds a M.SC degree in Computational Systems from the same institute.

The results of his master thesis were published in international workshops and journals.

His research interests include: Parallel and distributed computing, application parallelization, operating systems and compilers.

In NIKI, he is working as a software engineer in various research projects in Greece as well as German industrial projects in automotive sector.

He participated very actively in the implementation of GELENK and JiTMI projects.

Maria Zavali >

Mrs. Maria Zavali is a CAD/CAE engineer at NIKI.

Her education includes a B.Sc. in Materials Science and Engineering in the School of Sciences and Technologies at the University of Ioannina, a M. Sc. in the European Postgraduate Programme on Biomedical Engineering (BME) organized by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Patras, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, majoring in Biomedical Informatics and Electronics.

During her studies she had a research assignment for the National Centre of Scientific Research (N.C.S.R.) “Demokritos” at the Institute of Microelectronics which included a layout construction of a complete optical biosensor which was applied for the monitoring of the interaction among complementary type of biomolecules.

Currently she is a student of Computer Science in Hellenic Open University of Greece.

Since 2009, her professional experience at NIKI includes participation in projects related to Biomedical Engineering and the Automotive Industry.

She has participated in the development of GSRT and EUREKA EUROSTARS project “JiTMI”.

She has also taken part in the implementation of Pre-Processing and Design projects using Medina and CATIA software.

Steven Stewart >

Mr. Steven Stewart is a product designer and engineer at NIKI.

He has obtained a B.Sc. in Product Design from the University of Huddersfield.

During his studies he gained the opportunity to represent his University at the 'New Designers' exhibition, achieving a finalist position for the Audi Foundation Award. At his time at JACUZZI, he successfully brought to markets several products, being heavily involved in conceptual design, product engineering and project management.

He has produced two patented designs for JACUZZI, one of which being brought to the market.

Since 2010 he is working for NIKI as a CAE/CAD engineer and his areas of interests include conceptual design and 3D modelling amongst others.

Whilst at the company he has been involved in TAG Pre-Processing for Thermal and CFD simulation.

In addition, he participated in a research project aiming to imprint geometry in CATIA.

Margarita Ntousia >

Mrs. Margarita Ntousia is a Product and Systems Design Engineer, graduated from the Aegean University, Department of Product And Systems Design Engineering where she gained a strong background in industrial design, research and simulation.

During her diploma thesis she mainly focused in Finite Element Modelling and Finite Element Analysis. In her internship for the firm Lalizas S.A in 2005, she was responsible for the complete process of Designing, Mold Flow Simulation and Manufacturing design of several industrial products for a commercial use.Since 2007 she is working in NIKI and as a member of the Engineering Department, she was involved in a variety of projects in the fields of Product Design, CNC Programming / Manufacturing and Simulation Modelling.

Her areas of interest include, among others, FE Pre-Processing of automotive models for Thermal Analysis, Simulation and Post-Processing, CAD/FEM Integration, Motion Analysis and Fitting Analysis.