NTUA member’s Bio’s

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) have a great experience on both basic and applied research on corrosion and protection of materials and also for protection of monuments. The Team Leader Prof. G. Batis is specialised in corrosion and corrosion protection and the research team has participated in numerous national and EU-research project.

George Batis >

George Batis is Dr. Chemical Engineer, Professor in Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Chemical Engineering School, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

His research interests include corrosion of buried pipelines, proximity effects, cathodic protection of pipelines, internal corrosion of pipes, corrosion of steel in concrete, protection of rebar in concrete with the use of corrosion inhibitors, coatings, cathodic protection and also computer simulation of corrosion process.

He have 48 publications in International Scientific Journals, 61 communications in International Conferences, 38 studies in the area of Cathodic Protection, 15 studies of durability for reinforcement concrete constructions and 11 studies of cathodic protection of steel in concrete.